Ways To Stop Anxiety Attacks – Detailed Review and Information



Anxiety attack, panic attack: symptoms and treatments

Fear of dying, losing control, becoming crazy … The anxiety attack (or panic attack) is characterized by intense and uncontrolled fear. How to recognize it? What to do when it happens? Answers from Professor Pierre-Michel Llorca, psychiatrist and head of department at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital.

Anxiety crisis: the definition

“Anxiety is a normal emotion, which is an adaptive process: it makes us more attentive and able to react in relation to our environment,” explains Professor Pierre-Michel Llorca, psychiatrist and department head at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital Center. . But this emotion can become pathological. This is called the acute anxiety attack, or panic attack. “Anxiety is a state of hyperactivity that increases performance and makes you more responsive.” In the case of the anxiety attack, anxiety, becoming invasive, no longer helps to adapt, and the state of ‘excitement becomes impossible to control,’ adds the specialist.

Anxiety crisis: the causes

“The anxiety attack occurs in subjects with anxious terrain, but can also occur suddenly and without any particular cause,” says Pierre-Michel Llorca. It can also be associated with agoraphobia (fear of empty spaces or crowds), with the agonizing anticipation that in case of crisis, we can not be rescued.

Anxiety is most often associated with the fear of dying or the fear of losing control, of going crazy, with no possibility of reasoning as long as the panic attack lasts from minutes to hours. This disorder is two to three times more common in women than in men and begins most often in young people (especially between 25-44 years).

It may be associated with another disorder such as depression, or another anxiety state such as a phobia. “In addition, all the exciting products such as coffee, cigarette or even cocaine can promote the appearance of anxiety disorders,” says the doctor.

Ways To Stop Anxiety Attacks – Treatment Guide for Patients

Act at the moment of the crisis

The first thing to do when you feel a crisis of anxiety go up is to get out of his environment. Changing places already decreases the level of anxiety. In addition, several natural methods can be effective:

  • Homeopathy: 3 granules of Argentum napellus 15 to 30 CH at the time of the crisis (do not hesitate to consult a homeopath for a personalized treatment);
  • Abdominal breathing exercises, or cardiac coherence exercises that synchronize breathing (available on the Internet or applications);
  • Bach flowers, especially in case of fear of imminent death sensation;
  • Listen to relaxing music, visualize a positive moment in your life, walk or talk with someone you trust to distract yourself from anxiety;
  • Have a session of mindfulness meditation, sophrology or hypnosis to refocus on the present moment;
  • Read a book, sleep, stretch, eat a fruit or healthy food to meet your needs;
  • Do a manual activity such as knitting, coloring, or painting for example.

If despite all this you can not manage your anxiety, do not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist to consider a psychotherapy and a drug treatment if necessary.

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