Panic Attack Anxiety Treatment Symptoms – Review and Information

What is Anxiety Attack and Panic Attacks?

The panic attack is an acute and intense manifestation of physical and emotional discomfort, fear and anxiety that the subject can not control. The latter is often afraid to die or go crazy.

The anxiety attack is not just an intense anxiety: the symptoms of anxiety are mixed with physical symptoms that can be violent enough to evoke a myocardial infarction or epileptic seizures. It is often after a passage through the Medical Emergencies, in front of a negative physical balance that the diagnosis of crisis of anxiety or panic attack will be posed.

This anxiety attack is particularly widespread in less intense forms: sweating, vertigo, feeling of suffocation …

Generally, they occur in situations where the person has the impression that they “can not escape”: elevator, train and plane, automobile on a highway, professional meeting …

The panic attack or panic crisis lasts a few minutes to a few hours. After the anxiety attack, the patient may be worried about the appearance of a new panic attack: it is anticipatory anxiety; it may also be tempting to avoid places where the crisis has occurred: hence the appearance of agoraphobia.

Panic Attack Anxiety Treatment Symptoms – Treatment Guide

What are the causes of an anxiety crisis or a panic crisis?

The causes of an anxiety attack or a panic attack are many: genetic, educational, environmental etc..

Very often an anxiety attack, or panic attack, will occur for no apparent reason for the patient: its appearance will often signify a limit to the “control” strategies that it has used until then. The need to have your emotions “under control” in certain professional contexts, the pressure to be “flawless” can only reinforce the occurrence of an anxiety attack or a panic attack. If the anxiety attack takes the form of a cardiac symptomatology, it will not be rare to find a relative who has suffered heart attacks …

Panic Attack Anxiety Treatment Symptoms – Tips for Patients

Frequently the panic attack or panic attack is associated with other psychological problems: a syndrome of depression, phobias (social phobia, agoraphobia or transport phobia …) generalized anxiety disorders, addiction problems, behavioral disorders food (anorexia, bulimia, hyperphagia …).

The onset of an anxiety attack or a panic attack makes it necessary for a health professional, such as a psychiatrist psychotherapist, to work with them to work not only on the causes and triggers of the anxiety crisis, but also on the means available to stop them.

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