Best Treatment For Panic Disorder – Review and Information

There are many of information about best treatment for panic disorder in the internet but you should still go to doctor. But again, we can share some important information about panic disorder on our web site. Here the details about panic attacks.

Treatment of acute anxiety attack and panic disorder

If the panic attack is strong, itcan prescribe an anti-anxiety medication. Panic disorder requires prolonged psychotherapy or even medication.

Emergency treatment of panic attack

The goal of treatment is to reduce the psychic and physical symptoms of the patient present during the panic attack (or crisis of acute anxiety).

It’s about :

to help the person to leave his impressions of imminent threat of life;

to encourage him to relax, to relax;

to change your breathing pattern. This should be the slowest and most superficial possible, with the mouth closed, and rest on abdominal rather than thoracic breathing.

Best Treatment For Panic Disorder – Recommendations

What can we do in case of a panic attack

Generally, we can reduce the intensity of the panic attack, then stop it very quickly, by simple measures:

the distance from the factors that created the anxiety;

putting in the presence of a doctor, who is reassuring;

the explanation given on the psychological origin of the physical disorders, and on the absence of vital danger.

Best Treatment For Panic Disorder – Treatments

Medication prescription during acute anxiety attack or panic attack

The prescription of drugs is limited as much as possible, to avoid “medicalizing” the anxiety attack.

Drug treatment is only necessary:

if the crisis of acute anxiety continues despite the first measures taken urgently;

when the symptoms are very intense (eg very psychic and physical agitation).

Benzodiazepines are the main substances used to treat acute anxiety (so-called anxiolytic effect, even sedative). The drug works after a single dose, in about 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the absorbed dose and the patient’s sensitivity.When the anxiety has dissipated, the doctor evaluates again the state of the person and explains the nature of his affection. He also offers a medical follow-up, or a reassessment of his troubles some time later.

Risk of benzodiazepine dependence

During a panic attack or to face a dreaded situation, patients are happy to take an anxiolytic (benzodiazepine). This product is effective on the immediate symptoms, but very quickly generates a psychological and physical dependence, then an overconsumption. In addition, anxiolytics are ineffective in treating backgrounds to prevent panic attacks.

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