Anxiety Attacks Treatment and Information For Patients

Acupuncture, to soothe anxiety

Used for a long time in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture can help significantly reduce stress, anxiety and treat an anxiety attack. She envisions everyone in his singularity. For each patient, it is necessary to find the effective point of puncture. As explained by Dr. Jean-Marc Kespi, Honorary President of the Association of Acupuncture: “The basic treatment of anxiety takes into account the person and all symptoms. ”

The duration of the treatment is variable even if the improvement is to take shape at the second or third session. Depending on the case, acupuncture may be associated with allopathy, homeopathy, psychoanalysis or behavioral therapy.

Anxiety Attacks Treatment Methods for Cheap

Shiatsu, to restore energy balance

Shiatsu helps restore the body’s energy flow through pressure and stretching. Shiatsu practitioner Sylvaine Bertrand, a member of the Shiatsu Federation, says that “more than a relaxation method, shiatsu allows everyone to regain their unity: a balance between body, soul and spirit. When the energy circulates freely and correctly, then the anxiety subsides.

Anxiety Attacks Treatment to Prevent

Prevent and calm an anxiety attack

Can we prevent? There is no really effective method to prevent anxiety attacks, especially as they usually happen in an unpredictable way.

However, appropriate management, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, can help to learn how to manage stress and prevent seizures from becoming too frequent or disabling.

Basic preventive measures

To reduce the risk of having anxiety attacks, the following measures, which are mainly common sense, are very useful:
– Learn how to manage your stress to limit the triggers or interrupt the crisis when it starts (relaxation, yoga, sports, meditation techniques …)
– Adopt a healthy lifestyle: good nutrition, regular physical activity, restful sleep …
– Find support from therapists (psychiatrist, psychologist) and associations of people with the same anxiety disorders, to feel less alone and benefit from relevant advice. It can be difficult to overcome panic attacks, but there are effective treatments and therapies. It may be necessary to try several or combine them, but the vast majority of people manage to reduce or even eliminate their acute anxiety attacks through these measures.

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